what is a clinical health psychologist?

  • Absolutely.  I welcome clients that want to focus on specific situations or problems that are not directly related to a medical condition or their health behaviors.  I will work with you to draft a personalized treatment plan based on your goals and needs. 

frequently asked questions

  • Psychologists who seek to understand how our biology (genetics) and our psycho-social circumstances (lifestyle, stress, culture, support) influence health and illness are called clinical health psychologists.  We use this framework to promote mind and body health and prevent illness.  

  • As a clinical health psychologist, my goal is to help clients identify and change problematic behaviors and beliefs, and learn effective coping strategies to reduce stress and suffering. To accomplish this goal, I use a series of techniques including education, behavioral change, and psychotherapy.

  • The field of clinical health psychology is sometimes called behavioral medicine. 

Vivian M. Rodr√≠guez Archilla, Ph.D. | Licensed Clinical Psychologist | Charlottesville, VA

do you provide a sliding-scale fee?

can you help me with issues that do not involve my physical health?

  • I do not operate my practice on a sliding-scale fee.  Please see the Fees & Insurance tab for more information about my fees.  That being said, please contact me to discuss your specific situation. If I am unable to see you, I will gladly provide a referral to another colleague in the area who might be able to assist.